Online Training Course for FXRuby, YAML and ActiveRecord

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  • Ruby Learning has just announced the availability of an online training course for building GUI applications in Ruby, using FXRuby:
    You kept asking for it and so here it is – the new short, intensive, online course that helps you create UI’s using FXRuby and with YAML and ActiveRecord (with Migrations) helps you access a database.
    According to the announcement, registration is now open and the course begins on November 1 (so sign up now if you’re interested!). I don’t have any ties to this organization and have never participated in one of their courses, but if you have any feedback about this course I’d like to hear it.

    Posted October 20th, 2008 in FXRuby, Ruby.


    1. Lucas Zawacki:

      I have done the Ruby Learning’s free Core Ruby Language Course and I’m very pleased. The topics were well explained, we had plenty of exercices to do, and the teachers were very considerate. At the end of the course I really had a good grasp of the language.
      Now I plan on doing this course too!

    2. Daniel Kotowski:

      I am one of many active participants from Free Ruby Learning Course for about year.
      At first the course gathered that people who wanted to program in pure Ruby only, but now we have many other modules connected with Ruby like i.e. Core Ruby, Intermediate Ruby Programming, Databases with Ruby, GUI like Shoes and FXRuby.
      Course helped me to learn all this ruby-stuff. It’s free so everyone can join us.

    3. ashbb:

      Hi Ruby Guru,

      We’ll learn in the course to write the Ruby GUI code with FXRuby. It’ll access MySQL database via ActiveRecord. Really looking forward to see the code the participants will write in the course exercise! 😀

      ashbb (Satoshi Asakawa)

    4. Victor:

      The Ruby community is usually such a friendly ‘place’ and this course is an excellent reflection of that. It isn’t the course work that does this, it is the students and the ‘staff’. It is hard to not love presenting the course, when the subject matter is as fun to work with as Ruby.

      The Free course was a very informative experience, and dynamic, because of the interactive and hands on material. The discussions are guided, and each course is better than the last because of the feedback and participation of the students.

      This short course should prove to be intensive, but fun as well, and due to expected participation, should be just as dynamic as the core courses have been!

    5. Jim Pryke:

      I was a student in the 4th branch of the free Ruby course, and it was extremely well done. There was attention to many issues that would otherwise be likely to confuse a beginning Ruby programmer like myself, and there was a wonderful sense of community that was very engaging and encouraging.

      I found the pacing of the course really valuable as well. I had been planning to learn Ruby for several months, but having a new lesson and assignment to complete each week really helped me to push through the daily distractions of life and get it done.

      I expect that the to be just as valuable.