Building FXRuby on Leopard with MacPorts (Update)

I previously wrote about the difficulties some people (including myself) were having with building FXRuby on Mac OS X (Leopard). I am pleased to report that as of the most recent update to MacPorts, the Ruby port has been upgraded to 1.8.6-p111 (previous version was 1.8.6-p110), and this seems to have fixed the problem.

If you’ve been having trouble building FXRuby “out of the box” on Mac OS X, first make sure you have the latest MacPorts and that you’ve upgraded to ruby-1.8.6-p111:

$ sudo port -d sync $ sudo port upgrade ruby
Once that’s done, you should be able to either install FXRuby from its port, e.g.
$ sudo port install rb-fxruby
or from the source gem, e.g.
$ sudo gem install fxruby
If you’re still having trouble after this update, please let me know!

Posted February 28th, 2008 in FXRuby.

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