FXRuby Book Now Available as Beta Release!

I’m pleased to report that FXRuby: Create Lean and Mean GUIs with Ruby has been released as a Beta book. That means that although the book is still under development, you can get early access to the content right now and provide feedback to help make the final book even better when it’s released later this year. We’re getting very close to a completed first draft and I can assure you that it’s well worth it to go ahead and get the book now if you’re anxious to get started with FXRuby programming.

As I’ve noted before, this is the first book ever dedicated to the subject of FOX and FXRuby application development. It’s intended for software developers who are already comfortable with Ruby programming and who want to learn how to develop GUI applications with Ruby. No prior experience with GUI development is needed, but it’s intended to be useful both to newcomers as well as those who have worked with other GUI toolkits in the past.

The purpose of this book is to give you a head start on developing GUI applications with Ruby and FXRuby through a combination of tutorial exercises and focused technical information. It isn’t a comprehensive book on FXRuby programming, and it’s not a reference manual. What this book will do is get you over the initial conceptual hurdles and equip you with the practical information that you need to build your own applications. Surf on over to the Pragmatic Bookshelf site and order your copy today!

Posted January 8th, 2008 in FXRuby.


  1. M.:

    Great work, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

    I got the beta book, and my question is – will there be a chapter on painting – handling and doing things with SEC_PAINT ?

  2. Lyle:

    Sorry, no, this book won’t have a chapter on painting or dealing with SEL_PAINT messages. All of the topics that will be covered are listed in the table of contents shown on the book’s page at the Pragmatic Programmers’ web site.

    It is a difficult call, deciding what to include and what to leave out, for a book like this that’s intended to provide an introduction to FXRuby. Take a look at the scribble.rb and dctest.rb examples in the FXRuby distribution to get some ideas of how painting works, and of course feel free to post questions to the fxruby-users mailing list.