Would you like to be a reviewer?

Some of you may know that I’m writing a book about FXRuby for the Pragmatic Bookshelf. I’m almost finished with the first draft, and I’m looking for some volunteers to review the book. Specifically, I’m looking for people to go over the book with a fine toothed comb, looking for inconsistencies, things that are confusing or misleading, and outright errors. When there are example programs, I’d like for you to try to run the programs and make sure they work the way the book claims that they work. That sort of thing. Depending on how fast you can read and absorb the material, and then provide feedback based on what you’ve seen, a thorough review might take a few hours or a few days.

In a nutshell, the book is aimed at folks who do know Ruby but who don’t necessarily know anything about FOX/FXRuby or GUI programming in general. That’s the target audience for the book. It’s not a comprehensive book about all things FOX and FXRuby, and a lot of the more advanced topics are intentionally left out. The idea is that after reading this book, you’ll have enough of a foundation to tackle some of those more advanced topics on your own.

If you’re interested in being a reviewer, and (more importantly) if you believe that you have the time to do this, please respond in the comments, or contact me as soon as possible. We’re looking to release it as a beta book as soon as next week, and we’d be getting the completed first draft out to reviewers shortly after that.

Update: Well, that went fast! Looks like I now have plenty of reviewers lined up. Stay tuned for further announcements about the beta book release!

Posted January 4th, 2008 in FXRuby.

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