AppleTV on Standard Definition TVs

Paul at Rogue Amoeba has posted about his discovery that AppleTV will work just fine with some standard definition (i.e. non-HDTV) televisions, as long as they provide component video inputs and a simulated widescreen display mode.

My television definitely has component inputs, but I don’t know whether it has a “simulated widescreen” display mode. The owner’s manual doesn’t mention it, but the article’s author writes that his owner’s manual didn’t mention it either (despite the fact that his television apparently does have said mode). So now I’m thinking about picking up one to try out. I’m not uninterested in buying an HDTV, but we have a furniture problem that makes that an undesirable choice right now. Our “entertainment center,” which weighs approximately 4000 pounds and will never again move from the spot where it’s now sitting, has a 34 inch-wide space in which to put a television. That means the largest HDTV that would realistically fit would be one of the smallest available models (a 27″ screen), and I’m guessing that that just wouldn’t be worth bothering with.

I’m in the camp that wishes that Apple had added DVR capabilities to this device, but I think I understand where they’re coming from business-wise — Apple wants to be your content provider, and they want you purchasing (or at least downloading) your content from the iTunes Music Store. If I decide not to try out Apple TV — say, because Denise won’t let me get one — I am still interested in converting our old PC to a MythTV server; and that might turn out to be the best option in the long run anyways.

Posted March 24th, 2007 in Miscellaneous.

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