Artic Refrigeration
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At some point before you pay someone to decorate your delivery truck, don’t you check a dictionary to see how “Arctic” is spelled?

Posted March 15th, 2007 in Miscellaneous.


  1. annie:

    ha! Good stuf. I mean, “stuff.”

  2. Rik Hemsley:

    Artic is short for ‘arcticulated lorry’. The company name is a clever pun, which seems to have gone over your head.

  3. Rik Hemsley:

    And I can’t spell articulated 😉

  4. Lyle:

    Rik, I will take your word for it that “artic” is short for “articulated lorry”, but I’d be willing to bet you about a million dollars that the Artic Refrigeration Service of Athens, Alabama was not attempting a clever pun when they chose that company name. I only wish I’d managed to get a shot of the big polar bear on the side of the truck.