People to Snub in San Diego

Well, Dan Berger has posted his short list of people he wants to talk to at the Ruby Conference next month and I have inexplicably been overlooked. I have therefore started a little list of my own, with the people I plan to snub next month:

  1. Dan Berger
Well, that’s all I’ve got so far.

It shouldn’t be hard to avoid him, what with the expected 195 attendees milling around. It’s a little surreal to imagine that many people turning out for a Ruby Conference.

Back in 2001, barely a month after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, I drove my new Honda CR-V down to Tampa, Florida to attend the first-ever Ruby Conference. I was going to make a presentation on FXRuby, a new GUI toolkit for Ruby. There were probably only about 40 people in attendance, which made for a very relaxed setting (in the best sense). Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt (the authors of Programming Ruby) were there, and meeting them was like meeting a couple of rock stars. I think that was the conference where Nathaniel Talbott gave a presentation on Lapidary, a unit testing framework for Ruby that eventually morphed into Test::Unit. Ryan Leavengood gave a presentation on a sort of packaging concept he called “Ruby Gems,” that petered out but was reborn a few years later at the 2003 Ruby Conference in Austin. Matz was there, and I think David Black, Chad Fowler, Avi Bryant, and some other folks I didn’t know but have gotten to know better over the last few years. It’s interesting to reflect on how much has changed since that time.

A side note: I also recall that in a separate conference room, across the hall from ours, a precious gems dealer had set up a table with his wares. I wondered if he had mistakenly assumed that the focus of our conference was the other kind of ruby. 😉

Posted September 23rd, 2005 in Ruby.


  1. DJB:

    Hah! Well, that list should really be dubbed “People I want to talk to about specific things”. There are plenty of others I’d like to see and chat with in general. Even you. 🙂

    Oh, I was also at the first Ruby Conference. 🙂

  2. Nathaniel Talbott:

    I’ll talk to you, Lyle :-). And I find it pretty weird that the conference is going to be so big this year, too. Looking forward to it, though.

  3. James Britt:

    Oh, sure, Dan. Too late for backtracking! I, too, will openly shun you at the conference!

    Assuming I can find you in the crowd, of course.