Two Martins and a Laurent

Two guys named Martin announced a couple of nice little FXRuby-based applications over the weekend.

First, there was Martin DeMello’s announcement of the latest version of FXIrb, an irb session embedded in a FOX window. As Martin noted in his announcement, this work builds on some code initially developed by Gilles Filippini (of FXScintilla fame) and later picked up by Marco Frailis.

This was followed up by Martin Ankerl‘s announcement of fxri, an FXRuby-based viewer for the ri-style documentation. There’s a nice screenshot over at Martin’s web log. Of special interest is that fxri integrates FXIrb into one of its panes, so that you can try out things on the fly to make sure that they work the way you think they do. Note that fxri depends on the FXRuby gem install and you may find it a challenge to get it working if you’ve installed FXRuby via the source tarball.

Not to be outdone, Laurent Julliard announced the latest version of FreeRIDE, the Ruby IDE. This version includes an irb plugin based on the previously mentioned FXIrb and Laurent says he’s also working on integrating fxri into FreeRIDE for a future release.

Update: Here’s a screenshot from Laurent, of fxri integrated into a future version of FreeRIDE. This is some pretty cool stuff.

Posted February 21st, 2005 in FXRuby.

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  1. martinus:

    Hi! I am one of the Martin’s (the fxri one 🙂
    fxri works with both fxruby from the gems, and fxruby from source. So it does not matter what fxruby you have installed, it should work anyway. The only problem is that when installing the fxri gem, the gem utility thinks it needs to install fxruby even if already present (as non-gem). For that reason there is also a .tar.gz available for download.